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Seed Village Programme (Production of Foundation and Certified seed):

Seed villages should be organized in each district based on the demand. This would ensure timely availability of seed and reduce the handling cost. Production be organized under more assured irrigated conditions for better yields and quality in selected villages. Following aspects are to be kept in view :

Selection of villages should be on long term/permanent basis where more than one crop could be grown in different seasons to make seed production a continuous activity with farmers in such village.
Fields selected should have irrigation facility.
Seed villages under rainfed conditions be selected in watershed areas with provision to provide protective supplemental irrigation.
Farmers involved should be progressive, willing to make requisite investment on inputs, eligible for crop loans and other term credits and take collective action.
A minimum limit of area and number of beneficiaries may also be fixed for eligibility of a village to receive assistance under seed village Programme

Selection of area will be done in consultation with JDA and ADA well in time and the area selected for Seed Village programme should be potential and may not be changed every year. Farmers and filed level functionaries involved in seed villages should be provided all requisite technical guidance and training with the assistance available under within “Farmers Trainings” component. Some of the general demonstrations could be allocated to seed villages by the JDAs. New varieties and hybrids should receive greater attention and space in the programme. Old /absolute / denotified varieties and varieties identified for phasing out are not entitled for assistance under seed village programme. Seed production should be monitored by special monitoring teams/seed certification teams.

Seed producing agencies have to make provision for cleaning equipments at the proximity of seed village. The seed producing agencies will also ensure storage facility in the proximity of Seed village through hiring of private/ Govt. godowns or creating their own storage facilities.

The assistance provided under Seed Village Programme is @ Rs. 1000/-per quintal, a part of it i.e., Rs. 750/- per quintal is provided to farmers to meet the cost of certification, loss due to rouging and under sized seed. Part of assistance be utilized to improve infrastructure and other facilities for cleaning, grading, packing etc. Remaining amount of Rs. 250/- could be placed at the disposal of the procurement agencies. To make perfect coordination and in built monitoring of the component, subsidy of Rs. 1000/- per qtls. (750+250) is being routed through the Department of Agriculture and distributed to beneficiaries through the District Joint Directors of Agriculture. Furhter, Seed Supplying agencies are also requested to organize this programme and submit the proposals for claiming subsidy under this programme.